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Jeremy K. Kessler

Jeremy K. Kessler is a legal historian whose scholarship focuses on First Amendment law, administrative law, and constitutional law. His research interests also include national security law, international human rights law, law and religion, and American political development. Kessler helps coordinate discussions and faculty roundtables on legal history as co-director of the Law School’s Legal History Workshop. He is also co-director of the 20th Century Politics and Society Workshop at Columbia University, which brings together scholars of history, political science, and other disciplines.

In a forthcoming book, Fortress of Liberty: The Rise and Fall of the Draft and the Remaking of American Law, Kessler explores how the contested development of the military draft transformed the relationship between civil liberties law and the American administrative state. His work has been in journals including the Harvard Law Review, the Columbia Law Review, the University of Chicago Law Review, and the Texas Law Review.