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As laws are tested, as our Constitution is pushed to its limit, as the fight for equality rages on, and as markets are shaped and new economies are born, Columbians need to be prepared to meet new challenges.

Gillian Lester

The path forward is clear: We must harness our tremendous intellect and influence and chart an ambitious new course for the future. Columbia Law School can and must lead the way.

A Letter from Dean Lester
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We Were There

Some of the world's biggest moments had their genesis in our classrooms. You’ll see that legacy alive on our campus today.

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The Campaign for Columbia Law celebrates our proud history, while boldly and confidently embracing the future.


When you think of Columbia Law School, chances are there’s a moment that stands out in your mind. Whether it’s something cerebral—like a complex legal concept clicking during a class with your favorite professor—or something more communal—like contributing to an important legal milestone as part of a journal, clinic, or pro bono project—we have all experienced Columbia’s extraordinary power to shape lives and define the course of history.

It is the collection of these moments, the sum total of our shared experiences, coupled with the pride in the quality of the ideas generated here, that have bound us together and set the Law School apart for more than a century and a half.

The Law School today is a place of unparalleled intellectual might, path-breaking scholarly innovation, and bold ambition. Our faculty is the heartbeat of the institution, preparing the next generation of legal professionals to carry forward our storied tradition of excellence. And it is you, our supporters, who breathe continuous life into Columbia Law School, as you give generously of your knowledge, time, experience, and resources.

While our mission has not changed since our founding in 1858, our world continues to present novel and urgent challenges each day. Columbians, as they always have been, must be prepared to meet those challenges decisively.

Thank you for looking to the future with us. There’s never been a more exciting or important time to lend your support.