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Alex Raskolnikov

Alex Raskolnikov is co-chair of the Charles E. Gerber Transactional Studies Center, which teaches transaction-based skills in the classroom. Through innovative deals courses and workshops, he trains students to draft, negotiate, and analyze real-world business agreements. His teaching and research focus on federal income taxation, taxation of financial instruments, tax policy, tax administration, and economic analysis of deterrence, risk, and uncertainty.

Recently, Raskolnikov wrote about Republican and White House tax reform proposals for Foreign Affairs, and he oversaw publication of a special issue of the Columbia Journal of Tax Law dedicated to examining the Republican plan that was distributed to policy makers, scholars, journalists, and other influencers.

Raskolnikov has testified before Congress on tax treatment of derivatives and is a member of the American Bar Association, the American Law and Economics Association, and the National Tax Association. He is a past recipient of the Willis L.M. Reese Prize for Excellence in Teaching.

When you think about the impact you’re making on the world realistically, research and writing is little. But when a student says I’ve affected their life, that’s a much more immediate impact . . . and that gives a lot of satisfaction.