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Daniel C. Richman

Daniel C. Richman specializes in the areas of federal criminal law, criminal procedure, and evidence. A former federal prosecutor, he served as chief appellate attorney in the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York and as a consultant to the Department of Justice and the Department of the Treasury on federal criminal matters. He is currently a member of the Center for the Advancement of Public Integrity advisory board. 

Before joining the Law School faculty, Richman was the Brendan Moore Professor in Advocacy at Fordham Law School. His scholarly writings include more than 30 law review articles, and he has testified as an expert in a number of congressional hearings, and state, federal, and international criminal and civil matters. His article on the role of prosecutors in a democracy was published in Prosecutors and Democracy (Cambridge University Press, 2017).  In 2015, Richman was one of five Columbia University professors to receive the Presidential Award for Outstanding Teaching.