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George Bermann

George A. Bermann is director of the Center for International Commercial and Investment Arbitration (CICIA) at Columbia Law School, where he is the Jean Monnet Professor of EU Law and the Walter Gellhorn Professor of Law. 

Active in international arbitration of commercial and investment disputes, Bermann specializes in transnational litigation, international trade contracts, European Union law, and World Trade Organization law.

He has appeared before the world’s major international arbitration institutions and served as an adviser and expert witness in international courts and tribunals. He holds an arbitration post at the International Criminal Court and was chief reporter of the American Law Institute’s restatement of U.S. international commercial and investment arbitration law.

He co-edited Introduction to French Law, a work essential to understanding the complexities of law and legal practice in France.

I honestly see a degree of thrill in my [international arbitration] students that I never saw in any other subject.